Cook Engineering, Inc.

Grading Services

Cook Engineering in Northern California is ready to move mountains for you – literally. Our crews perform slope and rough as well as finished pad grading, guided by the latest, most advanced GPS technology to achieve precise results. Our sophisticated equipment enables us to generate three-dimensional coordinates identifying existing and post-grading topography with a high degree of accuracy. The guidance systems on our graders yield exceptional results more efficiently and with fewer stakes than with traditional manual surveying.
The Cook Engineering crew has a great depth of experience in grading for structural foundations, parking lots, erosion control, retention ponds, drainage, and preparation for roadbeds, bike paths, and sidewalks. Our grading and construction preparation skills include soil compaction and buildup in preparation for structural foundations.
We work with a carefully chosen group of concrete paving, asbestos removal, surface striping, and other specialty subcontractors, enabling us to deliver a wraparound package of services for your job.

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